Art : 1

Having established after thirty years, Mon Decor Gallery expanded into art institution called Art:1. Art: 1 has two main divisions, Art: 1 New Museum and Art Space:1. Supported by the concept of both gallery and museum, a wide selection of artwork from selected artists can be enjoyed by art lovers. We prioritize artwork that carries creativity, maturity of concept and high artistic value.

Art:1 engages in promotion both locally and internationally and participates in international art fair such as Art Basel Hongkong, Art Stage Singapore, Art Central Hongkong, Korea International Art Fair, Art Expo Kuala Lumpur, Art Jakarta, Art Moments, and Art Stage Jakarta. Today, Art:1 strives to make a presence and remain recognised as a public place. Visitors may visit Art Space:1  and museums collection during our operational hour. With this accessibility we hope to provide a place to exchange for artistic endeavours and open many future collaborative opportunities for those with passion in art.

Jl. Rajawali Selatan Raya No 3 Jakarta Pusat 10720
Telpon: 62-21 64700168
Instagram: @art1newmuseum